The Ice Box

recording studio

Tel.  635 831 922

Our recording studio is available for all types of recording either at the studio or mobile.  You can come to our fully equipped studio which includes drums already set up plus various instruments and amps etc. or Dr Brink can bring the studio along to your gig or wherever you choose to perform or your home.  Rates are reasonable and production is excellent quality. 

Some cool cats in the studio ..........





Teatro del Sol                                                              Heio


Johanna                                                                Clawed and Inqui


Pablo and Raymond                                                      Nellie (assistant sound engineer)




Guitar lessons

Billy is a registered guitar tutor and has put over thirty students through their grades in UK.

So if you're interested in lessons give us a ring on 635 831 922. 


Janet Says

African and European Wildlife Art, pencil drawings in colour.

My sister, Marilyn, does exquisite fine pencil crayon drawings.  She started out doing mostly Zimbabwean wild life (our home country) but she has expanded to include animals from other countries.  She sells prints hand-mounted to fit standard frame sizes for between 17 and 25 euros (not including postage & packaging).   If you would like any she lives near Cambridge you can e-mail her at : or if you are in Spain please text or ring me on tel. 635 831 922 (Spain). She has a selection of different drawings and I have copies of most of them here in Spain. Take a look at a few.......          cat no.14

cat. no. 02       03 06

The sizes reflected above are not proportionate to the actual sizes of the pictures.

Cat. no.    picture description
01   Elephant and baby
02   Impalas
03   Rhinos
04   Giraffe
05   Monkey
06   Zebra
11   Tigers
14   Hares
15   Wood pigeons




Nellie our English cat loves to walk over our equipment and we caught her in the act !




Humans have been know to survive without artificial fertilizers, insecticides, bleach, aerosols, plastic, perlite, ballpoints, computers !?!!, cigarettes, food additives,  non-stick frying pans, aeroplanes, internal combustion engines, jet engines, turbo chargers, toilet colourants!, bleached and coloured toilet paper, lime descaler, tinsel, rockets, aluminium, asbestos, polystyrene, airconditioning, refrigerators ....... to name a few .........  BUT  man has not been known to survive without air, water or food SO why are we polluting the air, contaminating the water and jeopardising our food supply in order to ensure the supply of the aforementioned ?????

I would like to know if the man who sanctioned France's nuclear tests recycles his bottles.

Ivan Illich said ".......the widespread usage of soap did more to counter disease than any medicine." 

Tip !  Get rid of lime scale on your bath, basins and taps with vinegar( if you rinse it off  it leaves no odour) and dry to sparkle.

So now there's talk of lowering the price of oil for third world countries .............................. are they afraid they may find an alternative or learn to do without it ?

No internal combustion engine - no 9-11 !

The car hasn't made our travelling time less we just travel further .....  (Ivan Illich)

" Thrill is one of man's worst perversions!" (Conchis in "The Magus" by John Fowles)

Can someone please tell me why we don't have electic cars yet? More than 20 years ago I was told that Brown Boveri (manufacturer of turbo chargers) were working on the development of a battery that would revolutionize the possibility of electric transport.  What happened? You don't suppose those nice oil companies had anything to do with it or perhaps those kindly gentlemen in parliament who found how to make a lovely profit out of levying huge taxes on oil, had anything to do with it.  They wouldn't would they? After all we elected them, didn't we?  They are working for our good, aren't they?